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Womb Detox Tea

Womb Detox Tea

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New herbal blend

This blend of herbs work synergistically to help you balance and refresh!

🌱Raspberry leaf, chaste berry, nettle leaf, linden flower, lemon verbena, lemon peel, cinnamon, rose petals, ginger and stevia

🍯This tea is jam packed with amazing herbs specifically for optimal female reproductive performance!💃🏾


🌻High in Antioxidants

🌻High in Fiber

🌻High in several nutrients & contain several minerals, including phosphorus, potassium, calcium and magnesium

🌻Rich in copper, iron, selenium and zinc

🌻Help with anxiety and stress

🌻Balance hormones

🌻Relieve menopause symptoms

🌻Support normal menstrual cycle

🌻Encourage a healthy menstrual flow

🌻Aid with occasional menstrual irregularities

🌻Encourage menstruation to begin

🌻Aid with occasional cramping and PMS during menstruation

🌻Support the body in building healthy blood

🌻Encourages circulation to the reproductive system

🌻Helps to warm a 'cold uterus'

🌻Protect cells against aging caused by DNA damage

🌻Provides immune system support

🌻Promotes healthy skin

🌻May stabilize blood sugar

Loose leaves - 8oz bag

scoop 3-4 grams or about a teaspoon of tea into a tea bag and place into a cup of hot water, let it steep, add sweetener of choice and drink!

tea bags are very inexpensive on amazon or you may add the tea loose into hot water then strain it

tea strainer/scooper:

natural unbleached tea bags:

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